Confectioners since 1962


Refined authentic tradition of home-baking are the main characteristics of our historical bakery.

Founded in 1962 in Salsomaggiore Terme, nestling in the hills around Parma in Italy, by the Tosi family, the bakery immediately became renewed for purity and genuinity, thanks to the choice of fresh natural ingredients and the extreme attention paid to all steps of the production. A sound attitude, handed down from generation to generation, sustained by the passion for quality which as always is an authentic guarantee for excellence in all our produce.

Today the Pasticceria Tosi is proud of a rich variety of products, always renewing, merit of recipes safe guarded and worked on with imagination. Products which vary from traditional cakes to ones with fillings, from dainty pastries to baked cakes, fragrant Easter Colombe, savouries, through to the famous Focaccia di Tosi, item which above all distinguishes our bakery and has contributed to the increase of our clients in Italy and abroad. 

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