La Focaccia Tosi

Traditional Focaccia

Our Focaccia is a traditional home-made Italian cake made with the highest quality natural yeast. Fruit of a sound tradition but in constant evolution, the Focaccia is our best known specialty since 1965. A simple recipe refined in all its single ingredients makes it the flagship of the Italian confectionery.

Similar to the Christmas Panettone, it is renowned for its lightness, ingredients and conservation properties, suitable all the year round.In the classical version, the soft fragrant dough, thanks to the daily regenerated yeast  from over fifty years ago, is slightly soaked with maraschino and enriched with candied fruit - apricot, pineapple and orange peel. 

The flours are carefully selected and matured on our premises and the candied fruit cut by hand in order to conserve quality and flavour at its best. Very popular at Christmas, it is produced all year round because it is a light versatile cake suitable for all occasions. 

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Traditional Focaccia

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