Who guarantees the freshness of the purchased products?
All our products are fresh and genuine. Pasticceria Tosi uses only 100% fresh ingredients, and all are packed weekly.
Where can I find a detailed description of the product?
All products are described on their dedicated page. For some you can also download the relative sheet in PDF format with the list of ingredients.

Which products can I buy online?
All products available online are listed in our Sweets and Focaccia pages. Some products may be subject to seasonality.

What is the expiry date of the products?
The duration from the date of production is indicated on the product detail sheet downloadable in PDF.

How can I add an item to the cart?
Just click the button "add to cart" present on every products’ page, then go to the "cart" page where you can indicate the quantity you wish to buy, otherwise remove it.

Is it necessary to register in order to buy ?
Yes, to guarantee the best customer service, registration is obligatory.

Is it safe to buy on Pasticceria Tosi online?
Certainly, it’s 100% safe.

How can I pay for my purchases?
You can pay by credit /debit cards or also prepaid cards through Paypal.

Is VAT included in the price ?
All prices are VAT included. Other taxes such as import, customs, etc. depending on the local legislation are not included.

Can I indicate a delivery address different from that of the invoice ?
Yes, at the moment of purchase you can indicate one address for delivery and another for the invoice.

How do I receive my invoice?
The bill or invoice, if requested, will be enclosed in the package at the indicated address. Don’t hesitate to contact us if required.

Can I invoice to the firm?
Yes, you only need to purchase from a business account, with the name and the VAT number of your activity when registring.

What are your terms of sale?
You can consult our general “conditions of sale” in the appropriate section.

In which countries is it possible to buy?
The products available online can be purchased exclusively by clients requiring delivery in one of the States listed on the site, in the drop-down menu which appears when you insert the address.

Is inscription free?
Yes, it is free.

What is the point of inscribing ?
By inscribing you can order all of your favourite products, create and save your delivery addresses and go straight to the check-out. You can also benefit from special and personalised offers and be kept up to date on all our news !

How can I change my registration data?
You can change your data anytime going to "my account" and clicking on "my data" in the left hand menu.

I have already registered on Pasticceria Tosi personal area but I don’t remember my password, how can I recuperate it?
You can retrieve your password anytime on the login page clicking on "forgot your password" bottom right.