Springtime Special: Tosi’s Colomba

01 Aprile 2014

From the beginning of spring and all through the Easter period, our Focaccia is transformed magically into Colomba. The soft almost velvety dough bathed with Maraschino essence and enrichened with candied fruit - apricot, pineapple, peaches and orange peel, combines with the crunchy tastes of granulated sugar.

It is this special mix which renders the Colomba unique. A much appreciated oven-baked cake which we produce following patiently scrupulous home-making methods: levitation from the 100% natural yeast  (as for the Panettone), the use of selected ingredients without preservatives. You can enjoy the fragrance of this sweet at length: the Colomba stays fresh up to 90 days from production.

Contact us for ordering your Easter Colomba!